As physiotherapists we aim to create an environment for healing that is not just the ‘final-straw’ but rather a holistic approach including lifestyle changes undertaken by the patient and physiotherapist.

We, at Alphen House, focus on the ‘whole individual’, and therefore we offer a wide range of activities and therapies. From Physiotherapy and other health professions, to Pilates, Aquatic Therapy, there is something for everyone.

Emma Johnston - Physio Therapist

Emma Johnston


Emma is passionate about her chosen profession, Physiotherapy. She is a registered member of the South African Society of Physiotherapy (SASP) and the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA)

Coming from a medical family Emma has always been interested in the human body and how it works. Sporting and outdoor activities play a significant part of her life, including tennis, hiking, swimming, cycling and golf. She is also an avid spectator of rugby and cricket.

In 2003 Emma enrolled at UCT for Physiotherapy and that’s when she fell in love with Cape Town and all it has to offer. Emma qualified in 2007 with Bsc (Hons) in Physiotherapy.

She completed her Community Service in 2008 in Durban and then headed off to the UK to broaden her experience. Emma spent a year working in various NHS hospitals in London and then moved into private practice there for a further 2.5 years where she focused on Musculoskeletal injuries and Orthopaedics. It was in London where Emma first started her Pilates training and learning about Acupuncture.

On returning to South Africa in 2012, Emma completed her OMT post graduate course (Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy) and worked in Sea Point and Constantia practices, again dealing with Musculoskeletal and Orthopaedic patients. At this time, Emma also completed training in Aqua-therapy and started working with patients in the pool. She soon appreciated how the benefits of Aqua-therapy compliment hands-on physiotherapy, in areas of strengthening, co-ordination, balance, pain relief and core stability.

In 2013 the doors of Alphen House were opened. It had always been Emma’s goal to open her own practice one day and now every day involves a combination of hands on physiotherapy, being in the pool doing aqua therapy and teaching Pilates.

Emma has two boys and loves the energetic lifestyle that goes with this. She has also trained in baby swimming and offers weekly classes.

  • 2007 Bsc (Hons) in Physiotherapy UCT
  • 2013 to Present: Johnston-Boers Physiotheray, Alphen House
  • 2010 – April 2012:  Physiotherapy Private Practice in London, UK (caseload incl. sports injuries, back and neck patients, post-surgery Lumbar Disectomies, Achilles Tendon repairs, ACL reconstructions etc.)
  • 2009 London NHS: Hospital in-patients; Musculoskeletal out-patients.
  • 2008 Community Service: St Aidans Hospital, KZN

Watsu 2

Aquatic Spinal Course

Aqpg refresher course
Core Connections Cranio sacral applications
Facial Pains and Migraines

APDL2 Aquatic Physiotherapy

Aquatic Physiotherapy Pediatric Course


  • STA Baby Swimming course
  • Watsu 1 Aqua therapy course


  • Pilates Reformer course
  • Kinesio Taping course


  • Dry Needling
  • Pregnancy Pilates


  • Orthopaedic Aqua Therapy Course
  • Designing the Best Aquatic Exercise Programme


  • Aquatic Therapy Gerontology course
  • Aquatic Foundation Phase course


  • International Aquatics Foundation Course and Watsu
  • Pilates


  • Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy (OMT)


  • APPI MET of the Lumbar and Pelvis (UK)


  • Mulligans NAGS and SNAGS (UK)


  • ALLIED Acupuncture Foundation (incl. follow-up course) (UK)
  • APPI Matwork Pilates (UK)
Michaela Mohr Physio Therapist

Jane Timberlake


Jane is a registered physiotherapist who is passionate about her profession and providing people with holistic, evidence based care. She has worked previously with renowned hand specialist, Liane Dawe, who instilled in her a special interest in upper limb rehabilitation. She has also worked in government outpatient departments as a clinician and as a supervisor for UCT students. She completed the postgraduate OMT (Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy) course in 2008.

Taking some time off to be with her small children enabled her to work on personal growth and reflect on her approach to physiotherapy. More recently, she has turned her attention to exploring other disciplines such as yoga, Pilates and aqua therapy, which have a growing body of evidence supporting their role in pain management, and form a perfect adjunct to manual therapy.

Aside from physiotherapy, Jane enjoys playing violin, hiking and training her ball-obsessed border collie. With a busy home life, her family enjoys some escape going on road trips, camping and spending time together in nature.

Michaela Mohr Physio Therapist

Michelle Vermeulen


Michelle studied at WITS graduating in 2012 and has enjoyed a dynamic physiotherapy career to date. She is passionate about holistic health and healing and believes in doing everything with excellence and leaving people better off than when she found them. She has always loved being active and outdoors, enjoying horse riding, cycling, rock climbing and swimming.

Michelle’s career started in community based physiotherapy in clinics in Pretoria during her community service year and this inspired her to work towards medical missions and broaden her horizons by travelling overseas.

Michelle has worked in various outpatient and hospital practices in Gauteng and the Western Cape gaining experience in musculoskeletal, orthopaedic and neurological physiotherapy.

At Alphen house Michelle offers physiotherapy sessions, pilates and aqua-therapy classes, including individual sessions.

Michelle has a particular interest in aquatic therapy having trained with seeing the incredible benefits that aqua therapy provided by getting patients active earlier after injury or surgery. The beauty of therapy in a heated aqua environment was very clear in improving balance, posture, neurological function, and reducing pain,giving people quality.


Aqua therapy with Peggy Schroedinger in 2015

STOTT Pilates 2017

Dry Needling and joint manipulation skills in various musculoskeletal and sport practices.

Michaela Mohr Physio Therapist

Thania Mohidin


Thania’s relationship with movement and sport commenced at the early age of two. It began with swimming and expanded to encompass performing arts. Throughout primary school, she actively participated in music, recorder, choir, piano, team swimming, tennis, cross country, and volleyball.

In 2009, she delved into tap dance, modern dance, musical theatre, and drama, and continued ballet at the Waterfront Theatre School.

During Grade 11, a job-shadowing opportunity at the Sports Science Institute provided her with the chance to serve as a test subject for a 4th-year Physiotherapy student, under the supervision of a permanent staff member. As she was treated as a “patient” and observed treatment sessions with other clients, she gained first-hand insight into the assessment and treatment process. The care and compassion displayed towards her and other clients were contagious, resonating with her passion for helping others.

Consequently, she decided that Physiotherapy was the career path she wanted to pursue. She believed that Physiotherapy would allow her to fulfil her passion for helping others while maintaining a connection to sport and dance.

Throughout her university clinical experiences, she developed a fondness for rehabilitating stroke patients and working with children with cerebral palsy. Her community service year, completed at Tayler Bequest Hospital, Matatiele in 2022, provided an opportunity to enhance her experience with orthopaedic cases, developmental delay, cerebral palsy, stroke patients, and the treatment of patients at the Maluti Community Clinic.

In the past year, she gained further experience in musculoskeletal injuries through Workability, where she treated patients with back and neck injuries, along with various other conditions.

She is trained in dry needling, strapping and taping and as a mat and reformer Pilates instructor. Going forward, she is keen on incorporating Pilates and aquatherapy into her treatment and rehabilitation of her clients.

She is currently also working at a spinal cord and neurological physiotherapist at Vincent Pallotti rehabilitation.


• Bsc Physiotherapy (Hons) Witwatersrand 2020


• Dry needling course

• Pilates instructor course

Physiotherapy Services

Neuromuskuloskeletal injuries:
Muscular, nerves, tendons, joints, cartilage and disc injuries

Back and neck Pain:
Prolapsed disc, post surgery: Spinal fusion, Discectomy, Laminectomy
Sciatica, neural symptoms
Muscle spasm
Scoliosis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Sheurmans
Degenerative disc disease
Sacroiliac joint pain

Sports and orthopaedic  injuries:

Shoulder: frozen shoulder, Rotator cuff tendonopathy, dislocation, impingement, instability, shoulder replacements, muscular dystrophy

Elbow: tennis and golfer’s elbow, arthritis, fractures

Wrist: carpel tunnel syndrome, hand injuries, arthritis

Hip: hip replacement, bursitis, tendonitis, labraltear,pain, ITB

Knee: meniscus, ligament tendon injuries, ACL rehabilitation, joint replacements

Ankle: fractures, joint replacements, ligament sprains, plantar fasciitis

Chronic Pain

CPRS, CFS, Fibromyalgia
Pre and post partum
Diastasis recti, weakened pelvic floor musles, post partum recovery, low back pain
Respiratory conditions
COPD, bronchitis, chest infection

Joint mobilisation

Soft tissue mobilisation 

Acupuncture/dry needling

Strapping and taping

Ergonomic correction and advice

Home visits

Home exercise programs

Core stability and rehabilitation

Chest physio

Aqua therapy


Equestrian physiotherapy

Our initial assessment sessions are one hour long. They include an assessment diagnosis and hands on treatment. Follow up sessions are 45 minutes long, are treatment based and include a plan and home exercises. We offer both one-on-one aqua therapy and pilates sessions as well as small group classes run by physiotherapists.


I’ve always felt my sessions with Emma have been very focused on my personal needs, and l leave feeling well  Regards Hilary

I have required a great deal if rehabilitation over the last 18 months and have been fortunate to attend Alphen House on a weekly basis for Physio & Aqua therapy .  You are met at reception by an efficient & friendly Charlene, and have been fortunate to receive motivational & caring therapy. I have also been well looked after by Deepika the podiatrist. It’s been a wonderful & beneficial experience all round. Thank you to you all!

Garry and Janet

I first met Emma Johnston when she was standing in as a locum for a colleague on maternity leave many years ago. Since she opened up her practice at Alphen House I have consistently traveled from the Northern Suburbs to receive therapy that has no peer. As a younger man involved in many sports, I have had numerous injuries over the years extending from knee ligaments to glute injury. I have never thought of finding a physiotherapist closer to home as I really believe I have the best in Cape Town. I have maintained this commute through my recent heart problems where Emma has been instrumental in the face of very little guidance from other sources in rehabilitating me back to a fit enough state to partake unimpeded in a wide spectrum of physical activities. The entire environment at Alphen House is welcoming, set in a beautiful garden and the heated pool provides a range of therapies that are not readily available elsewhere. There is little reason to change what has been almost a decade of excellent care and treatment.