Hamstring strains are common injuries in many sports, including running, hockey,rugby and dancing.

The Hamstring is not just one band of muscle, but comprises three bands that allow you to bend the leg at the knee.


During exercise one of these muscles may overstretch or start to tear – this usually happens during exercise that involves a lot of running, jumping, lunging and stop-start movements.

This can either be slightly painful if less severe, or terribly painful at the back of the thigh on movements such as lunges, bending over, straightening the leg or even walking.

Rest, Ice, Elevation and anti-inflammatories are useful treatment tools, as well as progressive pain-free stretching and strengthening.

Hands on treatment from a Physio is very beneficial.

K-T taping also helps to relieve pain and the load placed on the muscle.

See attached video for help on self-application.


KT Tape Hamstring Strain